More About Me

Ty Patterson is committed to providing exceptional expertise and professional representation to each and every one of his clients. His comprehensive knowledge and resourcefulness enables him to find the most exquisite opportunities currently available in the Greater Spokane real estate market. Specializing in the Acquisition and Marketing of Residential Properties, Ty is extremely passionate about real estate, (as well as “everything about the game of golf”…take care in getting him started on that subject!), and exhibits genuine dedication in working to make his clients’ real estate dreams come true!

His service as a U.S. Marine and extensive career as a Lieutenant with the U.S. Department of Justice, further developed his already disciplined, focused and diligent nature, evident in every aspect of his life. His clear and concise communication with clients allows him to represent with great attention to detail and personalized service. When working with sellers, Ty implements creative and effective marketing strategies that accentuate the property’s specific features to appeal to a wide realm of prospective buyers. He works tirelessly to identify key aspects of buyers' lifestyles and exhibits a relentless commitment to securing just the right property for every buyer.

Ty’s valued counsel, trusted perspective and skillfulness extend to every aspect of his service throughout each transaction. He is extremely attentive, accessible and responds promptly to his clients. His consistent follow through and determination to indulge his clients with first class service are aspects that assist in ensuring an experience with him will be like no other.
Residing in Spokane, Ty cherishes time with his family, getting outside to enjoy the expansive and beautiful landscapes of the region, keeping fit through a consistent workout routine, salsa dancing and of course, golf!

His favorite saying, "Let's Get It!", is the attitude, enthusiasm and action you can expect working with Ty!
Contact Ty Patterson to serve you and your personal real estate interests. Lets Get It!